Indemnity and disclaimer

The client acknowledges that any document(s) purchased from the author Key Safety Sector (2008/177086/237), are template documents.

It remains the client’s sole responsibility and duty to ensure that the Key Safety Sector online template documents as purchased are amended as to ensure that documents as purchased are legally compliant with the legislation of the country in which the purchased document(s) are intended to be utilised by the client and /or customised in line with the client’s particular needs and are legally valid, in particular, but not limited to occupational health and safety legislation.

Key Safety Sector shall not accept any legal responsibility whatsoever and/or any accountability for the client’s failure to ensure such legal compliance and/or accountability.

Hazards and risks associated with any tasks and/or projects for which documents purchased from Key Safety Sector are hazards and risks for which the client will solely be responsible for whether arising out of contract, delict or otherwise. 

In the event that any or all of the document(s) purchased from Key Safety Sector are not customised and/or compliant as described Key Safety Sector cannot be held responsible either wholly or in part for such failure and/or negligence on the part of its client.